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97% of local buyers start by searching online for the product or service they eventually buy. This means that your website is often the first contact potential customers have with your company.

Website Design & Redesign Service

Built for Your Success from the Ground Up

HIM websites are all built on the popular WordPress platform. Our website templates are created with an eye to marketing and promotion of you and your business built into the design itself.  We also put a lot of emphasis on SEO. Both the content and technical aspects of HIM websites incorporate up-to-date SEO best practices that help your website outrank those of your competitor

HIM Website Design Services


HIM Website Templates are Designed with the Needs of Specific Business Niches in Mind

  • Our website templates look great because they are professionally designed
  • You can choose from several preset color palettes or designate custom colors
  • You can choose from several preset font combinations or designate your preferred fonts 
  •  We have over 240 website templates representing practically every business niche
  • The template layouts and calls to action are designed for high conversion rates
  • All of our websites are responsive and designed to look great on all devices
website design


At HIM , We Are Always Conscious of SEO and Your Online Presence
  • HIM websites load fast–loading times are a big ranking factor
  • HIM website content follows SEO best practices so that your site ranks well in the search results
  • We add the proper structured data, a.k.a. schema, to every page of your site
  • We make sure that all of your pages have internal links so that Google can easily crawl your site


This is the Process We Follow:

1. Basic Design Concept

  • You provide the URLs of a few websites you like
  • We recommend the best HIM template(s) based on your favorite websites and your particular business
  • You confirm the best template to use as a starting point for your site

2. Domain Name

  • You choose the best domain name for your site based on our research and consultation with us
  • If you already have a domain name, we can use it for the new  website, once it’s ready to go live

3. Logo & Site Icon

You will need two graphics: a logo and a site icon (the site icon doubles as a favicon)

  • Create a website logo designed by HIM’s graphic artist or a graphic artist of your choosing
  • Create a site icon

4. Staging Site

  • We install WordPress on a temporary URL
  • We install your chosen website template
  • We add pages to the site (e.g. Home, About Us, Services, FAQs, Testimonials, Gallery, Contact, etc.)

5. Plugins

We install WordPress plugins on your site to improve performance, SEO and security:
  • WP Rocket cache plugin for faster loading time
  • Smush Pro to optimize images and speed up site
  • Yoast SEO plugin
  • Defender Pro plugin for security
  • Other plugins as needed

6. Content

The content (text and images) can be supplied by you, HIM, a third party, or some combination of those three

  • We add the written content to your website, following SEO best practices
  • We add images to your site (usually a combination of your images and stock images)

7. Google Analytics

  • We set up Google Analytics for you and install the tracking code on your site
  • We set up Google Search Console for you and validate your site

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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