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HIM has the needed expertise to get your website ranked on the first page of Google for the best keywords. 

HIM SEO Services

We Get Your Business to the Top

SEO makes all the difference. Even having the best website in the world for your company won’t do you any good if nobody can find it when they are searching online for your products and/or services. 

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If you are a local business owner then SEO (search engine optimization) is a great opportunity for you to get more customers. You just need to properly optimize your website the way that Google likes it.

The reason I say that this is a great opportunity is that chances are, you competitors have not done that. Now if you wanted to rank at the top of Google for certain keywords on a national level, that would be a different matter.

But if your customers/clients are located in a local city or area, it is quite feasible–generally speaking–to outrank your competitors by properly optimizing your website, social media and other web 2.0 properties for the search engines.

We Can Help

That’s where we come in. At HIM, we have the knowhow and experience to optimize your website for the search engines so that prospective customers where first of all be able to find it when they are looking online for your products and/or services and secondly, will be prompted to contact you once they’ve found your site.


This is The Process We Follow:

1. Keyword Research

  • We do keyword research to find the best keyword phrases to target in terms of both search volume and competitiveness.
  • We also research your top three competitors to see what keywords they rank for

2. Page Layout

We devise the optimal page layout for your site, taking into consideration:

  • Individual keywords for specific pages to target
  • Proper URL architecture to make it easy for Google to crawl and understand your site content
  • User-friendliness
HIM SEO services

3. Content Creation*

We create content for your website based on:

  • The products and/or services you provide
  • Who you are (i.e. your staff, company history, mission statement, etc.)
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Other things pertinent to your particular business etc.

*You have the option to provide your own content.

4. Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

We add SEO friendly title tags and meta descriptions to each page of your website. These show up in the search results, as shown in the image above. 

Our client’s website ranks no. 1 for this very big keyword, “trauma therapy Nashville,” in both the Google Business Profile listings and the so called “organic” search results. 

The title tag in particular plays an important part in those impressive rankings. You can think of the title tag as being like a news headline: ideally, it is concise, informative and clickable. It’s important but also difficult to craft the perfect title tag for the homepage. It’s limited in length but should include a keyword and also make your prospective client want to click through to your website. 

The meta description is basically what the name implies. It appears below the title tag, and Google allows up to around 155 characters in which you can describe what your page is about. This is another chance to persuade users to click through to your website rather than one of your competitor’s sites. 

5. Speed Optimization

We optimize your website to make sure that it loads very quickly–usually in less than 1 second and definitely under 2 seconds.

Google takes website performance seriously. How fast, or slow, your website loads is a big ranking factor. They also take certain technical aspects of your site into account. The other really big thing, besides loading times, is how mobile-friendly your site is.

Google is well aware that lots of people access the internet with their phones. Therefore, they don’t give high rankings to websites that are slow loading (which is especially frustrating on a phone) or difficult to read and/or navigate on a smartphone. 

One way to understand what Google is looking for in a website is to realize that they want their users to be able to easily find what they’re looking for when they are googling this and that. They want to only put websites that not only have the content their users are looking for, but are also user-friendly in all aspects, including being fast loading and easy to navigate. 

Are You Ready to Get Started?

The above is only a quick synopsis of what we do to optimize your website for the search engines. Click on the link below to go to the SEO Discovery Form and get started.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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